out of hibernation…

Okay, sorry – I’ve had a very long time out of this blogging game, but have decided to finally return. I’ve been an avid voyeur during the past year as opposed to a contributor; partly due to the fact my day job has kept me busy, and secondly as I found I was having less and less to say.

It’s been a busy, but interesting year – client work has been spread across Canon, Motorola, Creative and Microsoft and has seen me shooting videos in Zermatt during July, arranging fashion shoots with Parkour athletes and searching for mobile directors and much more beside. What’s clearly evident has been that this year, more so than any, has seen far more of my work focused on what I’d call the non-traditional PR and taking more of a direct to consumer engagement approach (or at least thinking about this as part of a broader engagement program). It’s been fun, and certainly believe that there’s more to come. If you haven’t heard about public engagement and Richard Edelman’s thoughts on this I really recommend you give it a read.

So, anyway – I’m back (but plan to blog on slightly different things). Hopefully will get the blog back-on-track and no longer take the mantle of the blog with the fastest reducing authority. Oh and as Steve’s post  (recruitment consultants dream list) shows I’m also twittering again – feel free to follow me.


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