not in the UK (or my tongue)…

It’s an old one I know – but came across it again today (via trendhunter). But thought I’d post it as I still can’t believe the campaign. It’s the Coke Zero launch campaign that ran in Brazil in Feb this year; it’s brave, it’s crazy and it would never (i don’t think) be something the brand would do in the UK.

To help launch the brand in the country; the local agency Espalhe Marketing de Guerrilha – developed a true guerilla activity. Focusing on the “no difference in taste” message, Coke focused on the “tongue” as a key point of creative (see the TV ad spots). To make this live and breath offline, the agency worked with Coke to sponsor piercing parlors in key cities; and offered to pay for all tongue piercings. However, the catch was all piercings had to be made with the Coke Zero bottle top stud and their picture taken and uploaded to an online community of fellow pierced Brazilians. The result – an army of mobile advertisers and brand ambassadors (well until their parents spotted it).



Cracking, yet crazy, idea…


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