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Where do good ideas come from?

So Google+ has made me realise how much I actually blogging in long-form and has made me realise that Twitter has perhaps made me lazy. So I’m going to start writing again and thought rather than start a fresh channel that I’ll breathe some life into this blog.

I’m going to focus my content on all things related to creativity, as this is where my passion lies.

So as a start, I thought I’d share this fantastic video – thanks to @willoconnor for the tip-off.

Steven Johnson, puts together a very creative presentation outlining his view on where good ideas come from. Stating the importance of outside influence & sharing in order to reach a true great idea. Many of the worlds greatest thinkers, thought best when ideas were discussed in public and shared.

As Steven puts it “when hunches collide”.

Some takeaways/thoughts on how this thinking can impact the way we work in PR:

– Work in teams when thinking; great ideas can come from anywhere in the industry
– Brainstorms work; share the thought process as ideas are best when co-created/co-developed
– Adapt other ideas; innovate/re-use/adapt don’t always feel the pressure to invent
– Read, read, read; to the previous point inspiration can come from anywhere and your good idea could perhaps turn into a great idea by adapting something that has been done before/or in another industry