Back at my desk…

Today is my first day back at work after a cracking holiday in Italy – a great country, lovely people and food to die for… 

Anyway, I happened to be on a touring trip taking in lots of different cities/sites so stayed in a number of Hotels and got reacquainted with the ‘European’ hotel room media, not that type, but rather the only English channels available BBC World and/or CNN.  

Amongst all of the continuous coverage of Iraq, Iran, Palestine and David Beckham, I did catch an interesting program on CNN. This was an edited feature focussing on discussions around communication, and the impact of virtual worlds on society in the future, with the content taken from the CNN Future Summit. I literally caught ten minutes of it (I was on holiday) but was fairly interesting stuff, and certainly had an impressive panel. If you have the time the show is available to view online, and a good eight minute edited version is available on YouTube.   


I also hadn’t noticed before but BBC World is quite a commercial channel these days running adverts between news segments and even running ‘sponsored’ shows (program on Egypt sponsored by the Egypt Tour Authority for example)…

 oh and is the sun ever going to shine in London this summer?


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